The Breathing Wall

by Kate Pullinger, Stefan Schemat and Chris Joseph
November 2016
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December 2011
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October/November 2011
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August 2009
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April 2007
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March 2006
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January 2006
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19th Stuttgart Filmwinter
, Stuttgart, Germany

December 2005
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November 2005
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Third Iteration, Melbourne, Australia

November 2005
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October 2005
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July 2005
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July 2005

December 2004
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December 2004
Breath by Breath: An Interview with Kate Pullinger about 'The Breathing Wall', by Dene Grigar, Computers and Composition, Vol. 21, Num. 4

November 2004
Hyperventiliterature by Edward Picot at The Hyperliterature Exchange:

"as an experiment it's too interesting to ignore... the strength of the writing here is in the storytelling... There are plenty of new media pieces long on style but short on narrative substance, and The Breathing Wall makes a refreshing change in that respect. Furthermore it has enough interesting ideas and arresting moments to be well worth our attention... a fascinating experiment"

July 2004
Blurring the Boundaries, Guardian newspaper, UK

July 2004
Incubation 3trAce
Incubation 3, the 3rd trAce International Symposium on Writing and the Internet, Nottingham, UK